Mark 12:31-32

Mark 12:31-32 - 'And you shall love the LORD our God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.' That is the first commandment. "And the second, like it, is this : 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these."

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Step of Faith, Transformer XP 2.0 - The Rising

For we walk by faith, not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7

Penang, or more precisely City Light Church is like a second home to me.

Never thought that one awesome weekend spent with my spiritual family here in this little island on the north would cost me to start thinking about my life all over again, how and where will I be if I were to head straight to Penang instead of Singapore, and what life would be 5 years down the road if I were to stay at Singapore. 

Nobody really knows, but I am confident to say that life would definitely be a lot more different at Penang, that is for sure.

The serene sunset view with the breeze and waves, together with Elson and Philips having some men time during the camp.

As time pass, as we all grown up, life gets more and more complicated. #truestory
The last camp that I joined was like 10 years ago? Thought I missed out the first day of the camp, but it is still awesome nonetheless. I am really glad that He prompts me to make a trip back for the camp this year.

My awesome groupmate, Jazz-ian. Proud of all of you guys even thought we got the second place with two missing members, Andrew and Li

Learned a new songs and some acting skill from the talent show that we put up. Although not gifted in acting (Well, I don't really know what I am doing on the stage), but I had fun!

Final score count on the scoreboard. Optimus Prime the champion.

Auntie Sophia with Baby Jethro. How things have change in 2 years time, we have a baby in our family now! Officially the youngest lighter!

With Junde. This boy really change from a boy to a man-in-the-making. Awesome transformation in two years time. Now a cell group leader when he is serious, and still as crazy as before when hanging out with the old birds like myself. Thank you Junde for always fetching me and be there whenever I am back Penang!

With Abby. Aha the xmm in the family. Transformed from a kiddo to a lady-in-the-making with make up, contact lenses and heels. Ohya, and no more backpack and jumping-in-the-mall-with-Junde now, and she is like a little sister to me.

With Clara. Okie, the talented director in the family, and she sings as well. Taking English Literature and plays piano. Hm... artistry and speak French.

Clara and Abby, with Sue Wei in the middle. She purposely come back from Kampar to join the camp. Proud of you sis!

Auntie Yinling with Baby Jethro.

Ain't he cute?

Especially when he smiles :)

With Sophia, another awesome sister in CLC. Loving and caring cell group leader, PA to Pastor and now mama-in-the-training. Whoever wins her heart would be a lucky guy. You-know-who better don't wait too long har :)

With Looven, she shared her testimony on how she was transformed from being a youth with suicidal thought to a purpose driven girl in just 1 year time. Serving in the Multimedia Ministry helping out Junde while pursuing her dream at the same time. Proud of you sis :)

With Elson, another testimony from this boy on how he was transformed from a playful hooligan and rebellious youth who would even scold his teacher for waking him up during the class, to a boy who has now found his life purpose and changed characters. Even the parents can see changes in their boy and allowed him to attend church. Serving in the Logistic Ministry and saw him reading the Bible in the dorm while Andrew is snoring beside him. Proud of you bro!

Still playful though.

The leader, Sophia and Elson with Kelcent. Last testimony shared by Kelcent on how he had walked out of depression and is now making difference in people's life with his gifted talent in speaking. Keep shining for Him bro!

Sophia, Elson and Looven with Elson's sister, Winnie (If I am not mistaken). The sisters make it in time to join the camp to support her brother when he was sharing his testimony.

With Chen Yen, one of the most friendliest usher in the family. This girl changed a lot if you know the her 2 years back and now.

With Lisa. 2 years back she is still a SPM girl then. Lost like most of us after SPM, but is not anymore now. Pursuing her dream and impacting life in Han Chiang College.

With Chin Perng, Abby's brother. Handsome boy who can sing and play guitar well. Thanks for having your room ready for me when I am back Penang the other time bro! 

With Samuel, the cool guy who is currently pursuing law. Future military grade lawyer who plays drum and dance. How cool is that for a man who practices law eh?

With Yinling. Aha, wouldn't have this family without you :) 
Thanks and Y NO JAPAN TRIP THE 2ND YET? >.<

Had a memorable moment at the beach where these 4 starts singing Birthday song beside the beach and showering me with blessing. Thanks guys and especially to Junde's finger-candle. You guys made my day for birthday this year! :) 
And yeah, family health/safety and career are the two out of the three things that I had wished for. 

The tag which gone through a lot of obstacles (Just see how worn out it is) with me throughout the camp. Glad that it is still in one piece which I can still keep.

My spiritual family, the only picture I took with Pastor and wife =.=
(Thanks Derek for shooting this picture)
PS : Yiying, we miss you!

First time back without my camera (Some part of me regretted for not bringing her back this time), and I think my phone did quite a good job with the help of Instagram of course. 

Had loads of fun and did loads of crazy stuff which would not be possible if I am with my camera. Ate loads of flour, had loads of colour arts on my body and powdered with flour, had my whole body buried under the sand, crawl, roll, run, bunker-ed, duck walking, sprint while piggyback lizard, ate whole carrot raw at 1 shot, dance, act and loads more other stuff that I failed to remember at this point of time.

Physically at Singapore, home at Johor but heart at Penang.

Perhaps, it is time for me to take that step of faith.

Praying for a sign.


  1. Thank you so very much for your beautiful story and God bless you. When god could be your friend in your happiness, he obviously will take all your worries as he has promised. I know it is difficult in facing a dilemma situation like yours. Promise yourself that you wont let anything stop you.

  2. WOW!! your blog is interesting bro. Keep on walking with God and we are waiting for you here in Penang :)