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Friday, July 6, 2012

Arts Alive 3 #3

Alright, the last post on the last play for Arts Alive 3, 2012.

This last piece is called "Closed Quarters" played by the Upper Secondary Drama CCA girls. Written and directed by Dwayne whom he also involves in playing the master villian, this piece talks about the life of the teenage prisoners being held captive inside a maximum security prison cell named as Closed Quarters. It talks about the teenagers life inside Closed Quarters with their life before they ended up there with a lot of different flashbacks from different person. It shows what they went through in life and how they ended up there. At the end they managed to work their way out to freedom with the help of audience to create the resonance effect at the right frequency to break the glass wall around them (which apparently I was so engrossed with the play until I forgotten to snap that scene)

How it looks like inside of Closed Quarters.

Dwayne as the master villian who runs Closed Quarter.

One of the flashback scene which goes back to the soccer game.

Another flashback which talks about abortion.

This flashback talks about how kids strayed off  their path when parents are too busy chasing for money.

Its really not easy for the girls. This scene where the officer talks about their plan to stop them from gaining hope, all the cast at the background had to freeze in motion. I can see how hard each of them maintained their position without fail especially the girl on the right. Trust me, its not easy to maintain in that position for 5 minutes. *thumbs up!*

The evil sergeant explaining the plan to kill their hope.

The girls working together to complete the equation which will help them break out of Closed Quater.

The moment when the glass shattered.

Everyone successfully escaped in the end *Was told that by right she should be invisible (only the girls can see her), some kind of like a spirit thingy who assist the girls throughout the ordeal*

Cast for Closed Quarter

Cast for Proud Singaporean

Cast for Others : Please Specify

Cast for The Little One

Backstage crews

A surprise from Ranie (and the rest of the sisters who are there), she was totally didn't expecting this.

All of them that make Arts Alive 3 a success

In case you are wondering, this is Chee Hui. Our N432 talented drama teacher. 

*feel bad about this cause cannot keep everyone into one frame*

The best of the three group pictures, everyone is inside the frame (finally) and with so many different pose. Indeed a very lively group of drama kids and teachers.

Chee Hui and her Secondary 4 girls.

Lastly, really did enjoyed myself throughout the whole play. Glad that I am sitting on the first row and in the middle, I think I am sitting at the most strategic photography seats in that whole theatre haha! 

To those who are involved, you guys did really well. *thumbs up!*

PS : Link for Arts Alive 3 part 1 and Arts Alive 3 part 2 if you missed it

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